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being named:YVONNE*TOH*YING*HUI.


life status:ATTACHED TO MR KOH

future dream:get into some university

i'm an aries,who loves my VITAMIN C(hocolate) and is currently posted to NEE ANN poly for biotechnology.i'm a lucky girl who belong to a super active class of 1F01^^ and is now currently ATTACHED and we are improving our relation day by day^^
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Friday, March 26, 2010
@ 12:06 AM

i didnt forget about my blog at all..
some other friends didnt even bother to come to my blog already.
first of all,my lappy got crappy and send for repair.
then my final year project make me exhausted.
thirdly,i am revamping my blog.
ya,i guess this will be my reason for not blogging for another few more days ^^
anyways, another month have pass together with my darling.
happy 28th months.
ask me why i blog and post lesser photos about me and my boyfriend.
cox ww have just went through a tough month.
sad and disappointed march.
but still i love US

©copyrighted 2008 punch-that-goblin.co.nr

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
@ 4:41 AM

i need a time machine.
for time to stop or just fast forward till the time when exam is over.
looking at my notes now and i wonder why people have to sleep
for cells to repair ??theoretically it is...but i think it is bullshit !!!!!
anyways,cells have to go though Apoptosis or necrosis and either way they still die isnt it??
so why waste time and sleep when time is so not enough for me already.
i feel sleepy yet i want to continue my revision for exam later on.
my energy is running low every second and OMG i still got 1 more chapter to go.
and seriously this is my weakest topic:Recombinant DNA and Molecular Techniques TWO
hold on....i didn't remember there is part ONE?? i m so dead now :(
and anyways , i doubt i can withstand temptation of my bed now.
will take a nap for just 2 hours now and than work on that chapter later.
oh ya before i forget..
"happy belated 2 years 3 months"
MSG for darling:will be waiting for you to celebrate with me after exams ^^

©copyrighted 2008 punch-that-goblin.co.nr

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
@ 6:32 PM

i havent been posting anything for more than 2 weeks.
this is my new record of the year!!!
and i almost forget to wish you pple a happy chinese new year and belated val's day.
A summary on CNY.
  1. CNY eve,i stay at home alone studying and watching tv show
  2. chu yi-went over to my boyfriend's ah ma hse and relative hse
  3. chu er-went to my mother side and my relative hse and supposing to diana hse but i hop into the wrong bus to town instead of sembawang.(meeting her in march instead)

i got some pictures of CYN to post in however my camera die on me (no more batt) plus i forget to charge the spare batteries
i only had 3 photos uploaded and HE actually die on me...humps!!!
i called it a he because he is a "he".
he can withstand the abusing me,in cold,when u touch him he is quite sensitive and he is actually quite good looking.
i will stop blogging now and concentrate on my up coming VIP (very important paper)
^^ before i go back to my study,here is a glance of one of my photo i have taken with my cousin.

that stupid bryan said i look nerd wearing a spect.
zzZZzzzzz.. commending is one thing whether m i going to change is another.haha
a fren commend and a boyfriend commend is different
anyways i promise i will be posting up all the CYN photo after my exam on 1st of march.
good luck to me in my vip and to all people out there struggling with their exams..
have a lucky tiger year ahead.
ps: happy val's day baby and i love ur small DIY gift. and yes this is our 3rd vDay and i m looking forward for a better 4th and more to count vDay with you .btw, you look cute in CNY ^^

©copyrighted 2008 punch-that-goblin.co.nr

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
@ 12:40 AM

there is so much more pics and video for my sweden trip yet i have no time to do so.
people going out to choing night club and how exciting that i will be choing at home with my notes.
worse of all,i cant celebrate CNY due to some personal reason.
and again i will be struck at home to burn the mid night oil for the final year exam.
i can hardly imaging that i am going to my 3rd and final year in np.
final year = decide which university to go to.
too bad for the guy,they will have to suffer 2 years in NS .

anyways, hopefully everything goes smooth and well for everyone in the year of tiger ^^
soon all the bad luck will dissolve in the year of (i cant rmb the current zodiac ) oh well forget it then.^^

©copyrighted 2008 punch-that-goblin.co.nr

Saturday, January 23, 2010
@ 11:46 PM

on the bottom is a very rough slide show i made about my trip in Sweden.
i just cannot believe when i scan back the slide show in the late afternoon with dear i saw endless grammar mistake.
anyways i wont be changing those error cox i need time in other more important area.
fine,i guess i have enough of my whining, i should start my revision tommorrow.
i have not been studying continuously this year and i hate that somehow.
especially there are lots of uncertainly in my subjects.
no effort put in and i just don't feel the rush to study for my exam yet.
i need to be stress,i need the stress level to increase in me so it will push me to revise.
i really need to buck up this year for my dream.
ya its a dream now.
and how real is that dream depends on me now.

©copyrighted 2008 punch-that-goblin.co.nr

@ 1:20 PM

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: sweden trip
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Make a Smilebox slideshow

here is my picture i gathered.just click on the play and it will lead u to another site.enjoy^^

oh ya specially for KS jie,Don kor,ting ting and dear.

HAPPY 26months baby.i love you and let's us jia you for our final exam.

©copyrighted 2008 punch-that-goblin.co.nr

Monday, January 18, 2010
@ 8:04 PM

i really wanted to blog about my sweden trip so badly however baby still holding on to the camera.
500++ pics to load.
i m just wondering how am i suppose to get them all in my small pink blog.
i shall do a selective photos blog then.
saw ker xin jie jie blog and she really did update hers fast.
misses the time that i was back in sweden,eat,slp,majong and playing with Ah ting [stress free].
with up coming projects to rush ,quizes and final year exam life really sucks esp there isnt anymore holiday this year .
while i shall hold on and wait for ting ting and jie jie to come back singapore ^^

©copyrighted 2008 punch-that-goblin.co.nr